Kuroko’s Basketball Season 1 Episode 19

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Seirin loses to T?? High by an incredible margin. Back in the locker rooms Aomine defends Kuroko (who is being talked bad about by one of the bench warmers) and Kagami tells Kuroko that he doesn’t think that working together will help them win anymore. Kagami is benched for the next two matches due to leg damage and Kuroko hits a slump, his passes becoming inaccurate. Seirin loses both games effectively kicking them out of the Interhigh tournament. Seirin’s last chance of redemption is the Winter Cup but with nobody has recovered from their previous loss to T?? High. With Kagami playing by himself again, and the unease between him and Kuroko things aren’t looking so good. Seirin’s former ace and founder of the basketball club shows up with words of encouragement for Kuroko and a challenge for Kagami.

Episode Name:On to a New Challenge

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