Kuroko’s Basketball Season 2 Episode 7

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Due to the rush of the matches, there is no overtime, hence the match ends with a tie at 104 apiece. On the other side, Kirisaki Daiichi defeated Senshinkhan 108-70, but it is said that the former won with unfair measures. Outside the locker room, Kagami overheard the fiery conversation between Hyuga and Kiyoshi and then at night, he asked Hyuga more about it. It was actually Kiyoshi’s final chance of playing high school basketball, despite only being in his 2nd year. Flashback to 1 year ago, the story goes on about the formation of Seirin’s basketball club, Hyuga’s real feelings about basketball in high school and Kiyoshi’s determination to set up the basketball club.

Episode Name:Give Up

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