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Nonton film In Love and the War subtitle indonesia

Nonton In Love and the War Film Streaming Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: Drama, Romance, War
Tahun: Durasi: 135 MenitDilihat: 17 views
2 jumlah voting, nilai rata-rata 7.0 dari 10

Sinopsis film In Love and the War

Young Park Seol-Hee is eagerly planning her wedding to a young anti-Communist activist when the North Koreans invade. Her fiancé is forced to flee, leaving her behind with her family in their tiny, rural South Korean village. Rather than resist the North Korean regiment that comes to occupy the area, the townspeople (to Seol-Hee’s dismay) decide to cooperate with them in order to ensure their own survival. The North Koreans, however, turn out not to be all that Seol-Hee expected. She soon realizes that there is a history between her family and that of the regiment’s leader, Lieutenant Kim Jeong-woong. In between the hilarious day to day antics of Seol-Hee’s eccentric family and the hard realities of war, the attachment between Seol-Hee and Jeong-woong grows. As the occupation continues, Jeong-woong becomes torn between trying to follow the increasingly harsh orders from his general and protecting the people that he has come to love and care for so much.

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